Parental Involvement:

Parents are part of the child’s education and discipline – participation is thus crucial.

Below is a list of some areas where parents can participate:

  • Parent support sessions
  • Various functions and workshops
  • Fundraising

Team members

The school was founded by four therapists (a speech therapist, a play therapist and occupational therapists) who saw the need for a specialized pre-school environment where children with specific learning needs can develop and thrive.

At our school we strongly believe in working together in a multi-disciplinary team to help address the child’s needs. Meetings will be arranged regularly to compile an Individualize Educational Plan (IEP). Input from all team members will be obtained to ensure that we follow a holistic approach to helping our children reach their full potential.

It is our role as school to provide the children with a physically and emotionally safe and supportive environment that will allow them to be valued and accepted for who they are. By acknowledging and building on their efforts we can help them to develop the strategies and skills necessary to become secure and happy adults.

The teachers at our school will make adaptions to accommodate the child’s specific sensory, emotional, social and developmental needs with a loving and understanding nature. They were work closely with the family and therapists to obtain his/her goals.

We encourage the family to be actively involved in their child’s development. When the need arise the school will arrange parent support groups or workshops to help broaden their understanding of their child’s needs and how to support them.

Speech, Occupational and Play therapy can be arranged with the school. We encourage the child’s therapeutic team to stay actively involved and provide information on how to better understand and help the child.


We believe in behavioural modification. This approach rewards desired behaviour and address undesirable behaviour. Desired behaviour will be rewarded by positive reinforcement such us a sticker system or working towards a specific goal. Undesirable behaviour will be addressed by either removing the child from the situation or removing a desirable object. This approach is used in order for each child to reach their own developmental goals. Chronic misbehaviour will be made known to the parents in a formal meeting.